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GEF v0.5.1 Cookbook

This file has not been updated for GEF v0.6 yet.

This file prepared on 5/30/97.

This file describes how to do specific tasks in extending GEF and applying it to new domains. These descriptions are inteded for programmers who have some knowledge of Java(tm), and have read the GEF Overview, are considering making modifications to GEF.

Table of contents:

  1. How to use this cookbook
I am still working on writting the GEF cookbook. Notification of major updates will be sent to the gef-users mailing list. Your comments and experiences will greatly help me know where to focus my efforts.

How to use this cookbook

Background: Cookbooks are intented to help people accomplish specific structured tasks. They mainly provide process information in the form of a sequence of steps, and domain-specific knowledge in the form of brief descriptions and links to background materials. The format of each cookbook entry (recipe) is similiar to this one.

Applicability: You should use a cookbook when there is a specific task you want to accomplish and there is a recipe in the cookbook that supports that specific task. Also, browse the cookbook to see what tasks are supported.

Ingredients: Each recipe lists the matierals that you may need to accomplish the task. Not all matierals are needed in all cases.


  1. Find the recipe by scanning the cookbook's table of contents or by following a link from javadoc comments in the code or other documentation.
  2. Check the "Background" and "Applicability" sections to make sure that the recipe is what you were looking for. Scan the "Steps" to get an idea of what you will have to do. Read the "Results" section to see what the recipe will produce and how to check that the task was successfully completed.
  3. Prepare to follow the steps by gathering the needed ingredients.
  4. Perform the actions described in the recipe's steps.
  5. Optional: Follow steps marked "Optional" to achieve minor variants or advanced versions of the task.

Results: Each recipe lists the results that you can expect and how to verify that the task was completed successfully.

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