Package org.tigris.gef.graph.presentation

Class Summary
AdjacencyListGraphModel This class is an example of an alternative way to implement MutableGraphModel.
DefaultGraphEdgeRenderer An interface for FigEdge factories.
DefaultGraphModel This interface provides a facade to a net-level representation.
DefaultGraphNodeRenderer An interface for FigNode factories.
JGraph JGraph is a Swing component that displays a connected graph and allows interactive editing.
JGraphFrame A window that displays a toolbar, a connected graph editing pane, and a status bar.
JSplitGraphPane A split pane container for showing two instances of the same graph.
NetEdge This class models an edge in our underlying connected graph model.
NetList A class that implements the concept of a connected graph.
NetNode This class models a node in our underlying connected graph model.
NetPort This class models a port in our underlying connected graph model.
NetPrimitive Abstract superclass for all Net-level objects.