Class PathConvPercentPlusConst

  extended by org.tigris.gef.base.PathConv
      extended by org.tigris.gef.base.PathConvPercentPlusConst
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PathConvPercentPlusConst
extends PathConv

Used to place labels as specific positions along a FigEdge. For example, a label can be placed in the middle of a FigEdge by using 50%.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
PathConvPercentPlusConst(Fig theFig, int newPercent, int delta, int newOffset)
Method Summary
 void setClosestPoint(java.awt.Point newPoint)
 void setPercentOffset(int newPercent, int newOffset)
 void stuffPoint(java.awt.Point res)
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Constructor Detail


public PathConvPercentPlusConst(Fig theFig,
                                int newPercent,
                                int delta,
                                int newOffset)
Method Detail


public void stuffPoint(java.awt.Point res)
Specified by:
stuffPoint in class PathConv


public void setPercentOffset(int newPercent,
                             int newOffset)


public void setClosestPoint(java.awt.Point newPoint)
Specified by:
setClosestPoint in class PathConv