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JRE and JDK Support

It is the policy that development of GEF will be targeted to work on all versions of the JRE that have not ended their life according to the Java Technology End of Life Policy.

This means that the latest versions of JRE1.4.2 and above are currently supported. JRE1.3 and before are specifically not supported.

When a JRE reaches its end of life it does not necessarily follow that GEF support will be immediately dropped. The statement above is that of the minimum that we will always support, we may choose to continue support for a longer period of time.

Support for a JRE will not be dropped until a definite advantage can be seen in the development of GEF. This may be to simplify the GEF codebase by using new language features or may simply be to reduce the amount of testing required.

The user community will be informed of any intention to drop support of a JRE and feedback will be taken into account to possibly postpone or drop such actions.