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Re: [argouml-dev] Adding Association Classes?


Author toby
Full name Toby Baier
Date 2001-01-25 04:46:06 PST
Message Robert Baruch wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm interested in hacking ArgoUML to allow association classes. My first
> thought was to let you place a class into the class diagram and then
> attach it via an association to another association. But it looks like
> an association is implemented as an edge, and you can't attach an edge
> to another edge. Is that right?

that's right, yeah. It would be a nice way to do association classes,
but I guess we have to work on GEF to get this working. GEF is the Graph
Editing Framework, now standalone, but it was developed with Argo, and
it just fits the requirements for Argo now. We have some points where it
is not mighty enough for what we want already, like own Figs for each
Operation or Attribute...

> If so, does anyone have any ideas as to how to start?

We need a way to freely position PathElements on FigEdges, like FigTexts
as inscriptions bbut also linkPoints where an Edge is connected to
another (in Argo for assoc. classes or XOR). This information must be
kept with the Edge so it remembers. Any more ideas of "real" GEF


Toby dot Baier at gmx dot net (I seek you: 12164930)

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Re: [argouml-dev] Adding Association Classes? toby Toby Baier 2001-01-25 04:46:06 PST
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