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[Issue 7] New - FigActivation


Author issues at gef dot tigris dot org
Full name issues at gef dot tigris dot org
Date 2002-07-03 21:28:00 PDT
Message http://gef.tigris.or​g/issues/show_bug.cg​i?id=7

                  Summary: FigActivation
                Component: gef
                  Version: current
                 Platform: PC
               OS/Version: Linux
                   Status: NEW
        Status Whiteboard:
               Issue type: DEFECT
                 Priority: P3
             Subcomponent: www
               AssignedTo: issues@gef
               ReportedBy: mkl

The presentation packages contains the class FigActivation which
according to the javadoc is a:
Primitive Fig to paint spezial rectangles for SequenceDiagrams on a

I propose to move it to argouml instead of having it in GEF as it
seems to be a remainder of the project split.

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[Issue 7] New - FigActivation issues at gef dot tigris dot org issues at gef dot tigris dot org 2002-07-03 21:28:00 PDT
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