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A couple of questions


Author svu
Full name Sergey V. Udaltsov
Date 2001-12-07 07:42:42 PST
Message Hi all

Just several questions from gef newbie:

1. Is GEF project still alive? There were no updates since August. Is
the project far from the next stable release? We would like to use GEF
in our company so we have concerns about its state and future. Sorry,
but all mailing lists seem to be nearly dead:(

2. Just one technical question: what is the correct sequence of
operations if I want to change the GraphModel in Editor. There are
several problems detected:
 - First, the component is not invalidated propertly. If some "old"
nodes are outside of the squre area covered by "new" nodes - they are
not repainted (so only resize and/or scroll help here). Do fix this, I
have to do editor.damageAll().
 - Selection manager does not work correcly. LayerDiagram.removeAll does
not call Editor.removed(Fig) on every figure so selection manager is not
notified. I think this is a bug.

3. Also, there are some glitches with repainting - sometimes I see some
artefacts after moving the nodes. Is it GEF/Swing/JVM (I use Sun's 1.3.1
on Linux)?

4. BasicApplication crashes (actually JVM!) trying to open FileDialog on
CmdOpenSVG. Why don't you use JFileChooser?

Any info/comments would be highly appreciated.


Sergey V. Udaltsov

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