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cvs commit: gef/www index.html


Author commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Full name commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Date 2000-02-21 10:35:02 PST
Message root 00/02/21 10:35:02

  Modified: www index.html
  removed sample diagram, maybe I will make a gallery page
  Revision Changes Path
  1.38 +2 -12 gef/www/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /cvs/gef/www/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.37
  retrieving revision 1.38
  diff -u -r1.37 -r1.38
  --- index.html 2000/02/21 18:32:27 1.37
  +++ index.html 2000/02/21 18:35:02 1.38
  @@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
   GEF has been evolving since 1996. It has been used in numerous
   projects including <a href="http://argouml.tigris.org/">ArgoUML</a>
  -and <a href="who_uses.html"​>others</a>​.
  +and <a href="project_users.​html">others</​a>.
  @@ -205,9 +205,7 @@
   Above is BasicApplication, a demo built with GEF. You can build your
   own application using the GEF library. At left is the GEF property
   sheet. Users can customize colors and fonts of the selected object in
  -the drawing window. Below is an example diagram produced with ArgoUML
  -(which was built with GEF). This diagram demonstrates the use of
  -arrowheads and labels on edges.
  +the drawing window.
  @@ -217,14 +215,6 @@
           <TD WIDTH="20"><FONT FACE="Tahoma">​&nbsp;</FONT>​</TD>
  -<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#f0f0f0">
  -<a href="/images/argoke​rnel.gif"><IMG​ src="/images/argokernel.gif"
  -width="300" height="250" align="right""></a>

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cvs commit: gef/www index.html commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net 2000-02-21 10:35:02 PST
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