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[gef-users] GEF 0.10 out soon - compatability warning


Author bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com
Full name bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com
Date 2003-12-12 08:43:35 PST
Message I will be attempting to build a release of GEF 0.10 over this coming weekend.

I discovered the cause of the recent incompatability problems with ArgoUML.

Note that on 0.10, getting a collection from a GEF component and adding to that collection cannot be guaranteed to add that element to GEF. Consider returned collections to be read-only.

eg This will no longer work
Vector v = figNode.getFigs();

You must use the specific add methods of GEF classes to add to them
eg This will work

The reason this changed is that internally most collections have changed from Vector to List. In order to give a compatible interface to GEF0.9.6 these lists are copied to Vectors before being returned.

The methods returning Vectors should all be deprecated by now (if not then they will be) and will eventually be replaced with methods returning Lists.



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