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Announcing GEF 0.12


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2006-08-07 18:29:38 PDT
Message GEF 0.12 is available for download -

Compatability with previous versions
Please note that there are compatability issues between this and
previous versions of GEF due to the ongoing work to introduce undo

Fig.setBounds(int x, int y, int w, int h) and Fig.translate(int dx,
int dy) have been made final and so can no longer be overridden by
your own subclasses.

To resolve the compilation problems this will introduce you should
rename your own implementation of these methods to setBoundsImpl and
translateImpl respectively.

All external calls should still be made to setBounds/translate and the
base class methods will then delegate to your own implementations.

The reason for this change is that these base class methods now
contain part of the undo implementation. It is important that
applications using GEF are not able to override this functionality.

Resolved Issues

Other issues resolved in GEF 0.12 are -

45 Separate, simplify Demo Apps
113 Use Graphics2D to draw good dashed lines
150 Align to Grid problems
207 Fig.removeFromDiagram() should remove from any diagram
208 Postscript eps doesn't draw dashed lines
209 First character of text edit is lost on JRE1.5
210 Deprecate Enum
233 Use strategy pattern for FigEdge
238 Globals.java prevents applets working
240 All Cmds should be converted to Actions
241 FigText is not platform independant
244 Introduce PGMLUtility.getClass​NameAndBounds
249 Increase the resolution of the output of Save Graphics
251 Strictly encapsulate the internal Fig of FigEdge
253 FigPoly Not Reshapeable
254 Geometry.segmentAngle() mixes degrees and radians
258 Line selection does not give an indications of selection
259 Inconsitent keypress across platform/JRE
260 The RRect border vanishes when transparent & border=1
261 Scrolling should turn off text edit mode
262 Broom tool should enable save
263 Moving figs by keyboard should enable save
264 Dragging primitive figs causes exception
266 Undo of align does not undo edges
267 Enable save on fig property change
269 German translations
273 PGMLParser should scan different FigNode constructor types
279 Implement translateImpl for FigEdge
277 Deadlock when moving mouse prior to JGraph initialization.
278 italian translation of BaseResourceBundle

Any questions on usage of GEF should be asked on the GEF user list.
Any comments on building GEF and the GEF internals should be asked on
the dev list. You must be subscribed to those lists in order to have
your emails accepted. You may subscribe from here -


The GEF Team

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Announcing GEF 0.12 bobtarling Bob Tarling 2006-08-07 18:29:38 PDT
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