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Reshapeable Polygon?


Author markpollard
Full name Mark Pollard
Date 2005-11-09 07:05:30 PST
Message Hello,

I would like to allow the user to select a polygon vertex and move it --
in effect allowing the polygon to be reshaped (is reshape the correct

The vertices of FigPoly appear selectable but not moveable.

Is this possible?

Should I instead be using FigEdgePoly?

I would also like to prevent the user from reshaping their polygon so
that it is concave.

I am open to enhancing any classes for the benefit of all if pointed in
the right direction.

Thank you,

Mark Pollard
PanGo Networks, Inc.
Intelligent Wireless

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Reshapeable Polygon? markpollard Mark Pollard 2005-11-09 07:05:30 PST
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