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GEF 0.11.1 available for download


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2005-06-16 06:27:19 PDT
Message GEF vers 0.11.1 - 16 June 2005

GEF 0.11.1 has now gone live. There are no changes from the previous
beta. The previous release notes are repoeated below.

The following issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues

211 Delete Enum
212 Remove any references to deprecated method in the JFC
219 Create an empty constructor for FigLine
220 Remove detectedFailure mechanism from PGMLParser
221 Extract ColorUtility from PGMLParser
222 Allow OCL expression to call some static method
223 Harvest PGMLStackParser
224 The base Fig class should be abstract
225 Tee file needs an optional indicator on expressions
226 Require Fig.isSelectable()
228 Norwegian Bokmål translation
229 Localized strings (in properties file) not used
234 PGMLStackParser doesn't load paths for edges properly
235 Harvest Toolbelt from ArgoUML
236 Make FigRRect and FigRect use lineWidth property

Work has also begun an an undo strategy. This is very much work in
progress, review only do not use in your application.

The basic structure is an UndoManager containing a stack of mementos
that can be undone. An UndoAction has been provided to remove the top
item from the stack and undo it. A RedoAction will also be provided.

A memento is created and handed to the stack whenever GEF or an
application performs some task that is to be undone.

See the UndoManager class and Memento interface in GEF CVS.

For how to create and apply a Memento to the UndoManager see the
changes made in ModeModify and ModePlace to introduce their inner
class mementos.

The current Cmd hierarchy will be eventually abolished and all GEF
Actions will become more vanilla Java, simply extending

If you build the latest CVS of http://gefdemo.tigris.org you will now
see undo in action in the UML demo. Try placing a class on a diagram,
moving it and then reshaping it. All 3 of those are now undoable.

Please feed back any comments on the implementation to the dev at gef dot tigris dot org

I'd also be very grateful for patches to implement undo further throughout GEF.



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GEF 0.11.1 available for download bobtarling Bob Tarling 2005-06-16 06:27:19 PDT
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