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[gef-users] Re: [gef-issues] Framework architecture redesign


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2005-02-23 08:26:29 PST
Message Hi Jose

Please use the user list rather than the issues list. The issues list
is only supposed to distribute progress on bugs, enhancements etc.

But to answer your question.

I think Raphael was refering to the change from version 0.9 to 0.10
where we accepted a rather major patch that broke the existing
interfaces. This is resolved some time ago and I will remove those
comments from the file.

GEF is quite stable now and I don't see any major redesign ahead but
there are slow gradual deprecating and improvements to the API.



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[gef-users] Re: [gef-issues] Framework architecture redesign bobtarling Bob Tarling 2005-02-23 08:26:29 PST
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