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[gef-users] Re: gef svg support


Author jriese
Full name Jane Riese
Date 2004-06-22 10:48:57 PDT
Message Thank you for your prompt response and pointing me to the giant and xstream project. The code looks like it will be very helpful. Saving in an XML format is also is plus.

I really appreciate your taking time to help.



At 04:44 PM 6/22/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Jane
>Personally I would not recommend using SVG as your save/load format. The SVG export is really designed for exporting your diagram to a format where it can be viewed by some other viewer. Not as a persistence mechanism.
>This is because the SVG spec does not allow for connected graphs. SVG does not know anything about edges and nodes and how they connect. It knows only about lines and polygons but does not realise how these are attached to eachother.
>The PGML support is really only there to support ArgoUML http://argouml.tigris.org. This product goes back to the early days of GEF when PGML was the only standard around. ArgoUML will be moving away from this in future and then PGML support will probably be dropped.
>I have two projects that demonstrate saving and loading of a graph model in XML files. See http://giant.tigris.org and http://xstream.tigris.org.
>I'll also try and get a simple example into the gefdemo project http://gefdemo at tigris dot org but can't easily give timescales as I have so much else to do.
>I think there may be some save/load in gefdemo if so it relies on object serialization. I would definitely not recommend this as it will means your files will not be .
>Please feel free to come back if I can help any further.
>I do prefer to keep these dialogs on the user list though if you don't mind. These lessons can be good reference for others.
>> From: Jane Riese <jriese at lanl dot gov>
>> Date: 2004/06/22 Tue PM 04:27:38 GMT
>> To: bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com
>> Subject: gef svg support
>> Hi Bob -
>> I am creating a graph tool to specify disease states and transitions for an epidemiological simulation using the gef library. I am at the point where I am trying to save the graphs so the user can reload and alter previous disease manifestation files for a new disease model. The code to save in SVG format seems to work fine, but the open and drawing of the saved file does not work correctly. From the current gef home page I see that this is not yet implemented fully. I can take the file I saved and open the graph in csiro svg viewer and it is drawn correctly.
>> Do you have any time frame for when gef will be able to draw svg correctly? I would love to use this format instead of the pgml specification.
>> Also, do you have any tips on using the pgml format? I created a pgml file with your code and my model, and when I tried to open it, I got the graphical components (other than the links) drawing in the correct position, but they were uninitialized and did not contain the state saved. I realize I need to have something more in either my fig or model class ... any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Jane Riese
>> Los Alamos National Laboratory
>> CCN-12 jriese at lanl dot gov

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[gef-users] Re: gef svg support jriese Jane Riese 2004-06-22 10:48:57 PDT
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