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[gef-users] GEF vers 0.10 now available


Author Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com>
Full name Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com>
Date 2003-12-14 11:37:50 PST
Message I have uploaded the latest version of GEF to the downloads page - http://gef.tigris.or​g/servlets/ProjectDo​cumentList

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been fixed in release 0.10 of GEF

4 Provide javadocs
8 org/tigris/gef/demo/​EquipmentApplet.html​ has incorrect CODE
9 typo in method name FigText::setJustifci​aionByName()
10 FigText.java: typo in fired PropertyChangeEvent 'justifciaio
18 JGraph jumps allways into front
19 FigGroup.setBounds()
25 Multiple registration possibly causes eventual crash
27 Graph background should use look and feel color
31 StackOverFlowError due to MouseMoved
33 merging the gentleware branch to solve many issues
34 putting log4j and ant into cvs repository
38 FigEdgeLine does not redraw correctly once dirty
39 Make CVS API backward compatible to 0.9.6
42 Limit API changes in release 0.10
44 infinite loop risk in load process
48 Scrollbars do not adjust when zooming
49 Drawing problems while dragging in latest GEF
54 Popup menu does not support adding separators
55 Ordering popup menu should have mnemonic
59 ps writer should extend Graphics2D...
61 FigGroup.addFig does not remove fig from old group
63 org.tigris.base.Geom​etry.intersects doesn't find all interse

The following issues have been marked as invalid

21 ModeDragScroll related eventlistener exceptions
23 JDK 14.1. hangs with Font error
57 area not calculated properly for saving images

The following issues have been marked as wont-fix

24 Problem with zooming in ArgoUML
6 log4j missing from CVS repository

Compatability with previous releases
1. Instance Variables

Release 0.10 contains various patches kindly supplied to us by Gentleware.

Much of these changes involved changing the types of protected instance variables from Vectors to Lists or to more generic collections.

So any client code attempting to directly access protected variables of GEF classes may now no longer be compatible.

We strongly recommend you convert your products while still using GEF0.9.6 to call accessor methods of our objects rather than directly access any GEF instance variables. This way when you later choose to upgrade your version of GEF we remain compatible across releases.

eg. where you currently refer to


Instead call


2. Collections

Note that on 0.10, getting a collection from a GEF component and adding to that collection cannot be guaranteed to add that element to GEF. Consider returned collections to be read-only.

eg This will no longer work
Vector v = figNode.getFigs();

You must use the specific add methods of GEF classes to add to them
eg This will work

The reason this changed is again due to the Gentleware changes and a need to keep a compatable API between releases. Internally most collections have changed from Vector to List. In order to give an interface that is compatible to GEF0.9.6 these lists are copied to Vectors before being returned.

Deprecated methods and attributes
Once you receive release 0.10 you will notice various methods and attributes have been deprecated. In a future release all protected instance variables will become deprecated and eventually removed (effectivly removed from your perspective as we change visibility). This is being done to prevent a
similar problem occuring again in future. Please stick to accesor methods at all times.


Bob Tarling - GEF Team

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[gef-users] GEF vers 0.10 now available Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com> Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com> 2003-12-14 11:37:50 PST
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