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[gef-users] graphp events


Author David Hazel <dhazel at Sentar dot com>
Full name David Hazel <dhazel at Sentar dot com>
Date 2003-09-05 06:13:52 PDT
Message Hello,
I am developing an application that uses GEF to draw diagrams similar to UML
activity diagrams. I have a class that extends the
org.tigris.gef.base.diagram class and I'm using the default
LayerPerspective, GraphModel, and Editor.
Does anyone know how to notify an application such as this when a node or
edge is dragged to a new location? This is just to tell the application
that the diagram has been modified and needs to be saved. I have tried
adding a GraphEventListener to the DefaultGraphModel, but that doesn't seem
to fire any events.

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[gef-users] graphp events David Hazel <dhazel at Sentar dot com> David Hazel <dhazel at Sentar dot com> 2003-09-05 06:13:52 PDT
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