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[gef-users] Pre-release announcement of GEF Version 0.10


Author Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com>
Full name Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com>
Date 2003-08-16 04:30:34 PDT
Message Dear GEF Users

As you may be aware the GEF team have recently reformed and we are working
towards a vers 0.10 alpha release.

This includes the patches kindly supplied to us by Gentleware.

A side effect of these patches is that it breaks our current contract with
yourselves by having removed or changed the signature of various methods and

Much of this is by having replaced methods that took Vectors as arguments or
returns now expect Lists or more generic Collections.

Our current work at GEF is to reimplement the old methods and restore that
contract before the release of 0.10

Where we have difficulties is where your applications may be directly
accessing public or protected variables within GEF objects. In this case the
change from Vector to List will definitely affect the compatibility to your

We strongly suggest you convert your products while still using GEF0.9.6 to
call accessor methods of our objects rather than directly access any GEF
instance variables. This way when you later choose to upgrade your version
of GEF we remain compatible across releases.

eg. where you currently refer to


Instead call


Once you receive release 0.10 you will notice various methods and attributes
have been deprecated. In a future release all protected instance variables
will become deprecated and eventually removed (effectivly removed from your
perspective as we change visibility). This is being done to prevent a
similar problem occuring again in future. Please stick to accesor methods at
all times.


The GEF Team

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[gef-users] Pre-release announcement of GEF Version 0.10 Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com> Bob Tarling <bob dot tarling at ntlworld dot com> 2003-08-16 04:30:34 PDT
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