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RE: [gef-users] System.out


Author ipreuss
Full name Ilja Preuß
Date 2003-07-15 07:17:46 PDT
Message Bob dot Tarling at irishlife dot ie wrote:
> To refactor
> System.out.println(???)
> to
> if (cat.isDebugEnabled()) cat.debug(???)
> (together with the declaration of the cat logger)
> seems like it must be a fairly common task. I wonder if there
> are any tools out there to do this for us? I'll have a look and
> report back.

If we wanted to go very simplistic, we could define an interface

interface Logger {
  void log(String message);

And replace




A simle regex-replace tool should work.

It would be the responsibility of the Logger implementation to decide
wether to print the message to System.out, delegate to a more
sophisticated logging framework or just ignore it.

Regards, Ilja

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