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[gef-users] is a redesign necessary? VOTE NOW


Author raphael
Full name Raphael Langerhorst
Date 2003-07-05 01:40:47 PDT
Message Dear GEF users,

as stated before we plan to redesign GEF:
"The GEF development team are considering a change to place the GEF
functionality behind published interfaces." See according mail for more

Already we took a step in eliminating many bugs. By doing so the internal
structure of GEF already changed so that some adaption of your application is
necessary if you want to use the latest CVS version.

The question is:
Do you, as users of GEF, want a different design?

We want to have this question asked (and answered) before starting to work on
such an improvement which does not change functionallity in itself but only
the way GEF is used. The advantage afterwards is of course that the internal
structure can change without you having to adapt to it because you only use
the public interfaces.

Please answer to this mail with:
"+1" if you want a new design
"0" if you don't mind
"-1" if you want to keep the design as it is

We will only start to redesign GEF if you really want it that way.

The deadline for this voting is 15th July at 12 p.m.

your GEF team

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