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RE: [gef-users] new GEF improvements


Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2003-05-31 09:32:55 PDT
Message ArgoUML uses GEF (that is already stated on the GEF first page).

The following GEF classes are used by the core ArgoUML code:
In util: Util, ChildGenerator, VectorSet, Localizer, Predicate,
PredicateStringMatch, PredicateType, Converter, ResourceLoader,
In ui: Highlightable, PopupGenerator, IStatusBar, ColorRenderer,
JSortedTable, Toolbar.
In ocl: TemplateReader, OCLExpander, OCLEvaluator.
In base: Diagram, CmdPrint, Editor, CmdCreateNode, Cmd, CmdAdjustGrid,
CmdAdjustGuide, CmdAdjustPageBreaks, CmdSelectAll, CmdSelectInvert,
CmdSelectNext, CmdZoom, CmdAlign, CmdDistribute, CmdNudge, CmdReorder,
Globals, Mode, ModeManager, LayerPerspective, CmdCopy, CmdCut,
SelectionManager, CmdPaste, CmdSaveEPS, CmdSaveGIF, CmdSaveGraphics,
CmdSavePS, CmdSaveSVG, CmdSetMode, ModeCreatePolyEdge, ModePlace,
PathConvPercent, PathConvPercentPlusConst, Selection, LayoutManager,
ModeCreate, SelectionReshape; SelectionMove, SelectionResize,
FigModifyingMode, ModeModify, ModeSelect, LayerPerspectiveMutable.
In presentation: Fig, FigText, FigEdge, FigNode, FigActivation, ArrowHead,
ArrowHeadComponsite, ArrowHeadDiamond, ArrowHeadGreater, ArrowHeadNone,
FigEdgePoly, FigPoly, ArrowHeadTriangle, FigGroup, FigRect, FigEdgeLine,
Handle, FigRRect, FigCube, FigDynPort, FigLine, FigCircle.
In graph.presentation: JGraph, DefaultGraphModel.
In graph: GraphModel, GraphListener, GraphEvent, MutableGraphSupport,
GraphNodeRenderer, MutableGraphModel, GraphFactory, GraphNodeHooks,
In xml.pgml: PGMLParser.
In event: GraphSelectionEvent, GraphSelectionListener, ModeChangeEvent,

I have not examined if the modules of ArgoUML use any other classes.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Raphael Langerhorst [mailto:raphael-lang​erhorst at gmx dot at]
> Sent: den 30 maj 2003 15:04
> To: users at gef dot tigris dot org
> Subject: [gef-users] new GEF improvements
> Dear GEF users
> The GEF development team are considering a change to place the GEF
> functionality behind published interfaces.
> This will allow us to implement future changes to the internals
> of GEF without
> risking breaking compatability with client products.
> In order to help us get these interfaces correct and to guarantee
> you won't
> lose any exisitng functionality we would be grateful if you can supply us
> with a list of classes, methods and attributes of GEF that you currently
> access. We will make sure you have access to that same
> functionality through
> our new interfaces.
> You may also wish to register your GEF based product on our
> website. Please
> email the users list with your details including a URL and a
> contact email
> address. We will link this from our website.
> This will help both advertise your product and GEF. It will also
> give us some
> idea of how many products will be affected by our planned changes.
> GEF development team
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