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[gef-users] new GEF improvements


Author raphael
Full name Raphael Langerhorst
Date 2003-05-30 06:03:52 PDT
Message Dear GEF users

The GEF development team are considering a change to place the GEF
functionality behind published interfaces.

This will allow us to implement future changes to the internals of GEF without
risking breaking compatability with client products.

In order to help us get these interfaces correct and to guarantee you won't
lose any exisitng functionality we would be grateful if you can supply us
with a list of classes, methods and attributes of GEF that you currently
access. We will make sure you have access to that same functionality through
our new interfaces.

You may also wish to register your GEF based product on our website. Please
email the users list with your details including a URL and a contact email
address. We will link this from our website.

This will help both advertise your product and GEF. It will also give us some
idea of how many products will be affected by our planned changes.

GEF development team

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