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Author wagoan bredrint <stgremianium at hotmail dot com>
Full name wagoan bredrint <stgremianium at hotmail dot com>
Date 2000-06-22 10:53:12 PDT
Message Saloo,

I is new to this Group, I would like to devlop PGML, unless it is already
finished. My company are keen to use GEF for a diversified variety of

Can u tell me what works & what aresneed work so I can solve them for you.

GEF is a wonderful devlopmnet & I would Like to be part of the team to drive
it forward.

Thanks Guys

Dr Viermajegan Hatmasari
Senior Software Devloper
User Interface Specialist
Tel (00) 44 3242 22223

Fax (00) 44 3242 22224

Kalimari Nugr

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