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SWT BasicApplication now draws


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2007-08-08 16:48:10 PDT
Message Hi Johnny.

This is a great. Its really nice to see part of a diagram actually rendering.

I had to do some minor changes to fix the API so that ArgoUML still
runs, remember to keep an eye on that.

It looks like the holongate Graphics may be incompatible with swingwt.
>From what I can tell it requires us to extend an actual SWT control. I
don't know if its possible to replace the peer of a swingwt JPanel
with a new SWT control. Maybe this could be investigated at some later

I see you're now working on our own Graphics class.

But it looks like the JFree version is working to some extent. Would
it not be better to fix the bugs in that than code something new? I'm
sure the JFree team will appreciate the fixes sent back to them.

Aside from this it would be great to get the toolbar working. I'll
create an issue for that with some ideas.

I notice you're hardcoding the PresentationFactory to switch between
SWT and swing when you're running. This shouldn't necessary. Instead
use different eclipse options to run

Do Run->Run.. from the eclipse menu

To run using Swing select BasicApplicationSwing and to run using SWT
select BasicApplicationSWT

If you just press the run button on the toolbar it will run what ever
you selected last time.

If you have any trouble doing that then let me know and we'll have to
address your eclipse set up.

Keep it up.


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SWT BasicApplication now draws bobtarling Bob Tarling 2007-08-08 16:48:10 PDT
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