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Re: [gef-dev] StackOverFlowError due to MouseMoved


Author raphael
Full name Raphael Langerhorst
Date 2003-06-05 13:28:49 PDT
Message Hi Martial,

thanks for reporting this!

I would suggest we first merge the gentleware branch and then check which bugs
are still present and THEN go to fixing every issue that is not solved.

When I have time tomorrow I will begin with checking out the branch and merge
it (after I have placed some methods in there to keep compatibility) with
main branch. For safety I will first tag the main branch ... is that ok with


On Thursday 05 June 2003 09:03, Martial Fol wrote:
> Hello !
> I just want to say that even in ArgoUML the StackOverFlowError occurs...
> You have just to move the mouse on many nodes and many tooltip text are
> displayed and after approximatively twenty tooltip text, error occurs...
> I repeat that this problem is due to the mouseMoved method in
> Editor.java
> Regards
> Martial Fol
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