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[gef-dev] StackOverFlowError due to MouseMoved


Author Martial Fol <martial at ncslab dot com>
Full name Martial Fol <martial at ncslab dot com>
Date 2003-06-02 00:17:35 PDT
Message I find the cause of the stackOverFlowError in GEF...
When the mouse moves in an Editor, the method MouseMoved is called.
This method creates a ToolTipText and show it with setToolTipText(String
tip) of the JPanel which contains this editor.
The swing method setToolTipText for a JComponent don't accept many calls
for the same component...
The stack increases each time this method is called until the
To avoid this error, you can delete the creation of ToolTipText or
change this method...
Martial Fol

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[gef-dev] StackOverFlowError due to MouseMoved Martial Fol <martial at ncslab dot com> Martial Fol <martial at ncslab dot com> 2003-06-02 00:17:35 PDT
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