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Re: a bug fix


Author fh
Full name Florian Hacker
Date 2002-07-11 05:29:49 PDT
Message > It look like there is a typing error :
> /** Set the text justification given one of these strings: Left,
> * Center, or Right. */
> public void setJustifciaionByName(String justifyString) {
> Shouldn't it be "setJustificationByName" ?
> I think there was no need for IssueZilla, since the first guy to use
> this method would of sent such a report, easily corrected.

Now that's the joke of the day considering the low activity here,
because I submitted this typo just one moment ago to issuezilla. ;-)

After submission I found the same typo in the related firePropChange()
and reported it as well...


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