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Re: a couple of RFE:


Author 1sturm
Full name Thorsten Sturm
Date 2001-12-12 05:32:18 PST
Message "Sergey V. Udaltsov" wrote:

> Hi all
> I've got the impression that Gef is the tool I need (though - Michael -
> thanks for reference to Diva). Though the problems with Gef still
> exist...
> 1. It is impossible to use auto-layout and manual layout together.
> Suppose, I am creating a set of nodes, some of them know their
> coordinates and some - not. So some nodes I want to put myself (using
> setLocation) and some nodes would be nice for LayerPerspective to place.
> Currently it is not possible:(
> In LayerPerspective, in putInPosition(...) it is possible to check the
> current location (x,y) for some predefined value (-1?) and auto-place
> only these figures. Alternative approaches are possible too...
> 2. PopupGenerator can generate Vector consisting of JMenu and Action
> objects. What about JSeparator? It is just one line like this in
> ModePopup.java:
> ...
> else if ( ( a == null ) || (a instanceof JSeparator) )
> popup.add( new JSeparator() );
> ...
> Could please maintainers fix these couple of issues (at least in CVS)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sergey V. Udaltsov
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Hi Sergey,

thanks for your suggestions. I hope you will find GEF as useful as we all

As you surely know, this is an open source project. That means, that the
people involved work for it mostly in their spare time. The great advantage
is, that anyone is invited to participate. Although the project has some
kind of role concept, we don't want to exclude anyone. This is just for
making sure that the quality of contributed code meets the expectations of
the project.

So, when there are issues that you want to have fixed, why don't you do it
yourself? Your message looked to me as if you have been digging in deep to
find out the reasons for your problem. Just make code out of it and send it
to one of the developers (me for example) and you will see it ending up in
the CVS. Once you have contributed some patches, you will get developer
role. This will give you write permission to the CVS, so that you don't
depend on others any longer.



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