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Some scaling problems (zoom)


Author "Christensen, Blake" <Blake dot Christensen at dsionline dot com>
Full name "Christensen, Blake" <Blake dot Christensen at dsionline dot com>
Date 2001-10-29 12:02:58 PST
Message Hi,

I have been using GEF for a few months and have found it to be very useful.

I have found a few problems with the zoom/scaling added in GEF 0.9.3
In case you haven't found these yet, here are some places where I have to
undo the scaling applied to the mouse event.

Class ModePopup
Symptom: Pop up menu shows up in the wrong location when zoomed in or out.

Class ModeModify
Symptom: Can't drag nodes to edges of the drawing area when zoomed out.

Class ModeDragScroll
Symptom: Window scrolls inappropriately while trying to select items when
zoomed in or out.

I also found that I have to change the size of the diagram after zooming in
or else not all the diagram can be displayed.

I also needed the fix from the Oct 17 message on this list.

I can provide details of what changes I made to work around these problems
if desired.


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Some scaling problems (zoom) "Christensen, Blake" <Blake dot Christensen at dsionline dot com> "Christensen, Blake" <Blake dot Christensen at dsionline dot com> 2001-10-29 12:02:58 PST
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