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Saving a Diagram


Author sirangama at free dot fr
Full name sirangama at free dot fr
Date 2000-12-27 06:17:57 PST
Message Alain SIRANGAMA
e-mail : sirangama at free dot fr


- I am currently working with GEF, and i try to enhance the Save/Open command of the DefaultGraphModel using the Serialization of Java.

- in the CmdSave file I serialize the current graph the guy is working on including nodes/ports with their properties by
adding s.writeObject(Global​s._defaultGraphModel​);
_defaultGraphModel is the current Diagram saved in Globals after having been construct....

- in the CmdOpen i reload the serialized object in a new Editor and a new JgraphFrame
( DefaultGraphModel dgm = (DefaultGraphModel)s​.readObject(); )

- This new Editor and Frame contains all the Nodes/Ports reloaded (at the debugger ) BUT...
nothing is draw..

- I think i have to fire some event to indicate that a new DefaultGraphModel or a new NetList have been added, to make all the stuff redrawn.

May anybody tell me what event and listeners are concerned with..


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Saving a Diagram sirangama at free dot fr sirangama at free dot fr 2000-12-27 06:17:57 PST
     Re: Saving a Diagram Thorsten Sturm <tsturm at surfeu dot de> Thorsten Sturm <tsturm at surfeu dot de> 2000-12-28 03:32:54 PST
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