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GEF Save/ Load Commands ??


Author sirangama at free dot fr
Full name sirangama at free dot fr
Date 2000-12-18 01:41:38 PST
Message Cyber Cooperative Computing
1300 Av. Albert EINSTEIN
34000 - Montpellier - FRANCE
e-mail : sirangama at free dot fr
Alain Sirangama (software engineer )

    Dear Sir,

I began using Gef one month ago..
I first beagan to read all Node informations from Beans .. then all nodes properties is handled by each instance of nodes-beans...
When i came to the Save/Load commands i encounter some problems with serialisation..

As you seem very familiar to that may i ask you some directions , beacause Saving the whole Editor as it was done doesn't work..
so i began to put "transient" in front of each variable .... i feel that it's not the right way to do...

When i save the DefaultGraphModel it load correctly, but it's not suffucient...

May you tell me some ways to implement a simple Save/Load command

Best Regards

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GEF Save/ Load Commands ?? sirangama at free dot fr sirangama at free dot fr 2000-12-18 01:41:38 PST
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