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Re: Mode classes hierarchy


Author toby
Full name Toby Baier
Date 2000-10-09 01:40:51 PDT
Message Thorsten Sturm wrote:
> Hi all,
> now that we completed the separation process from ArgoUML we can focus
> our work on enhancements to GEF. Here is my first proposal to that.
> The Mode classes are building a class hierarchy based on deriving
> implementations only. There are no distinct extension defined here,
> which I would like to see in a framework. Therefore I would like to
> reorganize this hierarchy to a more framework-like one.
> Main part about this is the definition of interfaces as extension points
> as well as for using the bridge pattern. You can find a more detailed
> description on my proposal as well as a graphic showing the resulting
> class hierarchy at
> http://vsys-www.info​rmatik.uni-hamburg.d​e/~1sturm/gefmodes.p​html .
> Any comments?

Sounds nice!

Toby dot Baier at gmx dot net
icq: 12164930

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