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[GEF] Introduction


Author Ted Kosan <tkosan at shawnee dot edu>
Full name Ted Kosan <tkosan at shawnee dot edu>
Date 2000-07-27 13:24:48 PDT
Message Hello,

PERSONAL: I currently teach in the Computer Engineering Technology program
at Shawnee State University in Southern Ohio. For the past 10 years I have
been been mostly focused on assembly language, computer interfacing,
microcontrollers, realtime programming and realtime operating systems.
About 2 years ago I caught the Java bug in a big way I have focused on
little else since.

SKILLS: During the past 2 years I have developed a fairly sound
understanding of object-oriented design principles and object system
modeling using UML (I am currently using TogetherJ as my design tool). I
have also developed a broad understanding of the Java technology spectrum
from small embedded devices (see www.ibutton.com/TINI) through Standard
Edition technologies like Swing, JavaBeans and Java2D up to Enterprise
technologies like Application Servers, EJBs, JDBC and JNDI. I am not an
expert in any of these areas yet but I think I am in a position where I can
develop respectfully in most of them given a little bit of ramp-up time.

INTERESTS/GOALS: My immediate goal is the development of an embedded device
JavaBeans tool that will allow the software components for embedded systems
to be visually wired together using JavaBeans that wrap physical devices
(like lights, switches , etc). I need a Java based Graph Framework in order
to accomplish this and contributing to the GEF project should be much more
efficient than starting from scratch.

I am also starting to become very interested in the Tigris vision of the
next generation of collaborative software development tools which are based
on object technologies and which fully leverage the new software development
paradigms that these technologies make available. Currently systems like
CVS do a good job of allowing programmers to collaborate on code over the
internet but I am looking forward to the day when, for example, the UML
models for this code can also be developed and maintained in a similar

COMMITMENT: Since my current goal is the development of an embedded device
JavaBean development tool and since I would like to use GEF for this tool,
I am able to devote a significant amount of time to this project. I am
currently getting familiar with GEF's packages and classes and I hope to be
able get myself into a position where I can participate in the extraction of
GEF from ArgoUML.

Ted Kosan

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[GEF] Introduction Ted Kosan <tkosan at shawnee dot edu> Ted Kosan <tkosan at shawnee dot edu> 2000-07-27 13:24:48 PDT
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