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Author Unknown Author
Full name Unknown Author
Date 2000-07-27 00:00:00 PDT
Message For I know, that suggesting is one thing but doing it another I would
volunteer for this job. Jason, Edwin please let me know, how great the
differences between Argo-GEF and the seperated GEF are.

!!!! All of the following is GEF specific, so if your are not interested
in it you can skip the rest of this message!!!

Making the separation of GEF and Argo work seems to be a good time to
restructure the packages. Based on the suggestion Jason made a while
ago, I would suggest the follwing structure (I replaced org.tigris by
simply org, because I don't think that the location or organization
supporting the project should be represented in the package names):

The top level name is org.gef. From this point on I would suggest the
following subpackages:

all the modes, commands, layers and selections as well as Editor,
Geometry, Globals, Guide*, Path*, Prefs*

all the figs and arrow related classes plus Handle

the classes of uci.graph exept for DefaultGraph*, Adjacency*

Diagram, JGraph*, DefaultGraph*, Adjacency*, Net*

the classes of uci.ui plus PaletteFig

the classes for storing the graphics, e.g. PostscriptWriter and

useful things, e.g. Pred*

same as uci.gef.demo

same as uci.gef.event

as suggested by Jason (uci.beans.editors) plus PropSheet*,
PropsGridLayout, Property*

things needed for dealing with xml


dtd and tee files needed

ocl stuff needed for tee files

This leads us to a number of 14 packages. Some of them are still quite
big (e.g. base) but I think that the classes belong together and further
separation would lead to too many packages. Edwin, Jason please have a
look at this, for I'm not sure if I reordered all the classes.

Please give comments on this.


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(no subject) Unknown Author Unknown Author 2000-07-27 00:00:00 PDT
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