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edge & port


Author "Diera :)" <diera at lycos dot com>
Full name "Diera :)" <diera at lycos dot com>
Date 2000-07-23 02:17:20 PDT
Message hi,

I'm trying to make a port to receive multiple edges,
not only one type of edge (default). So, any ideas?

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edge &amp; port "Diera :)" <diera at lycos dot com> "Diera :)" <diera at lycos dot com> 2000-07-23 02:17:20 PDT
     RE: edge &amp; port Austin Bingham <abingham at lips dot utexas dot edu> Austin Bingham <abingham at lips dot utexas dot edu> 2000-07-23 10:41:39 PDT
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