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Re: CVS download error?


Author jrobbins9
Full name Jason Robbins
Date 2000-06-29 12:34:04 PDT
Message Hi Aziz and everyone,

Tigris was down for about 15 minutes last night while we changed some
of the hardware. CVS seems to be up and working for me now. I was
able to check out the GEF source code and I see that others have been
checking other files in and out on that same server.

Let me know if your problem persists.
Of course, the comand is 'cvs update', not 'cvs -update'. I assume it
was just a typo in your previous email.

>This is the error message I am encountering:
>Error: Unexpected output from cvs co: sh: cvs: command not found
>Check whether the directory /home/tigrisc/CVSROOT exists and the script has
>write-access to the CVSROOT/history file if it exists.
>The script needs to place lock files in the directory the file is in as
>Can any one explain/help?


Jason Robbins, Ph.D. Collab.Net is hiring open source developers!
Chief Architect http://www.collab.net/jobs

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