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CVS download error?


Author Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com>
Full name Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com>
Date 2000-06-29 05:25:55 PDT
Message This is the error message I am encountering:


Error: Unexpected output from cvs co: sh: cvs: command not found

Check whether the directory /home/tigrisc/CVSROOT exists and the script has
write-access to the CVSROOT/history file if it exists.
The script needs to place lock files in the directory the file is in as

Can any one explain/help?

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CVS download error? Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com> Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com> 2000-06-29 05:25:55 PDT
     Re: CVS download error? jrobbins9 Jason Robbins 2000-06-29 12:34:04 PDT
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