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Re: Where to fetch GEF from?


Author jrobbins9
Full name Jason Robbins
Date 2000-06-26 09:17:19 PDT
Message Applogies to those of you who get this message twice. It is
appopriate to both GEF and Argo developers.

>I am a little confused as to where to fetch GEF
>from... I have been pulling it from the GEF tree. Is
>this other 'argo-nsuml' branch actually more
>Don't be afraid to let me know if I'm looking at the
>wrong set of files, I can use ediff with the best of
>them! ;-)
>[By the way, BasicApplication was in the older ARGO
>distribution under uci.gef.demo.BasicApplication]


I want you to build on GEF as it exists in the GEF cvs tree. I want
to build GEF as an independent java library that can be used in many
applications. Once we have a good release of GEF, ArgoUML can be
updated to use it, and ArgoUMl will remove its own copy of GEF.

If you see something in the ArgoUML tree that you want to bring over
to GEF you can, A working BasicApplication is probably a good
example of somthing needs to be in GEF.


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Re: Where to fetch GEF from? jrobbins9 Jason Robbins 2000-06-26 09:17:19 PDT
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