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Re: Where to fetch GEF from?


Author toby
Full name Toby Baier
Date 2000-06-26 06:59:09 PDT
Message Hi Jeff,
I'll put this on the two dev-lists (dev@argouml and dev@gef) as well, if
you don't mind.

Jeff Lewis wrote:
> I am a little confused as to where to fetch GEF
> from... I have been pulling it from the GEF tree. Is
> this other 'argo-nsuml' branch actually more
> up-to-date?

To be honest, I don't know. I fear that Edwin and his folks with the
most desirable wish to seperate GEF from ArgoUML (which I'd really like
to see) copied the GEF code out of Argo while it was still 0.7, but left
in there as well. Of course, while exchanging the metamodel, I touched
those files in the ArgoUML repository, and some new features have been
included here as well (PostScript support and some other changes). So
now there seem to be two trees, one still in Argo (I still work on
this), and one on gef.tigris.org. Unfortunetaly I don't know how much
Edwin et.al. worked on their part. Edwin, can you give a short report on
that? But I guess there is some effort needed to get the two together
We should do that, having a coherent GEF again. Then we should quickly
remove GEF from the ArgoUML distribution and use the lib instead.
Jeff, maybe you could have a look into that? I know it's not your job
for sourceXchange, but it would help very much.


Toby dot Baier at gmx dot net
icq: 12164930

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Re: Where to fetch GEF from? toby Toby Baier 2000-06-26 06:59:09 PDT
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