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RE: Persistence? PGML? SVG?


Author Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com>
Full name Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com>
Date 2000-06-20 08:22:06 PDT
Message Hi Austin,

I feel that my hands are tied, as I am relatively new to java.

Could you possibly define/diagnose:

-Why it is currently not working?
-Where would the changes have to be made for Java serialization?

-What are the limitations of serialization as opposed to PGML?

It would be a 2nd best Life saver if I could at least get my application to
Save/Load the models in some form or other.

Would be V Grateful if you could take me through the Serialization hacks :-?

Much Obliged

Aziz Rasool
University of Strathclyde

>From: "Austin Bingham" <abingham at lips dot ut​exas.edu>
>Reply-To: dev at gef dot tigris dot org
>To: <dev at gef dot tigris dot org>
>Subject: RE: Persistance? PGML? SVG?
>Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:47:02 -0500
>Hi Aziz. I'm not sure what the state it's in, but I'm pretty sure PGML is
>*going* to be the standard save mechanism. I have performed seriously ugly
>hacks in the past to force standard Java serialization to work, but
>currently that's only being used by me (i.e. it's not in CVS or anything).
>If you find out that PGML will not work for whatever reason, I'll be happy
>to try working through the serialization thing with you; I'll have to
>remember everything I did! Good luck.
>Austin Bingham
>Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems
>University of Texas at Austin
>abingham at lips dot utexas dot edu

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RE: Persistence? PGML? SVG? Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com> Aziz Rasool <azizrasool at hotmail dot com> 2000-06-20 08:22:06 PDT
     RE: Persistence? PGML? SVG? Austin Bingham <abingham at lips dot utexas dot edu> Austin Bingham <abingham at lips dot utexas dot edu> 2000-06-20 09:15:59 PDT
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