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Re: [gef-dev] PGML?


Author esp
Full name Edwin Park
Date 2000-06-07 22:29:55 PDT
Message Hi Aziz,

Saving/opening PGML doesn't work right now. This is basically the one
thing standing in our way before we can release a feature complete GEF
distribution, and is what I'm attempting to work on now. The plan is to
put out an initial fully functional GEF release with minimal changes, and
after that go nuts and implement larger changes like changing the package
names and other restructuring. I'm going to post some notes on the current
state of persistence in a minute.


azizrasool at hotmail dot com wrote:

> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me how I can make the openPGML, savePGML commands
> functional in BasicApplication.java????
> Thanks
> will only take a couple of your precious minutes to save hrs/days of
> mine
> Appreciated.
> What is the latest with using SVG/XML?
> Aziz
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Re: [gef-dev] PGML? esp Edwin Park 2000-06-07 22:29:55 PDT
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