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Re: [gef-dev] Cleaning up GEF source code.


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2008-11-23 07:09:36 PST
Message I'm very happy for as much help as possible here. GEF development can
be a lonely job sometimes.

I think Java 5 support is a good time to move from 0.12.? to 0.13 and
I will soon make a 0.13 milestone 1

Please help with any documentation and any aid to provide use of
generics before I move to 0.13 final (I shall time that for the next
ArgoUML stable release).

I'll be making further milestone releases in the time being as

As many know my main interest and involvement with GEF came from the
need to support ArgoUML and most requirements are driven by that
application. However I take the need to support other GEF clients
seriously. I hope other applications will continue to feedback their
own requirements. Please make sure that changes respect backwards
compatibility and deprecation standards.

Help with keeping the GEFDemo project up to date would also be useful.
I could do with help here to add more demonstrations, move away from
deprecated methods and in doing GEFDemo build releases.

When tigris have made a wiki available I would hope to start building
further documentation there. I would imagine this is most likely to
start on ArgoUML with an ArgoUML slant of usage. That is simply for
practical purposes as I expect to get most input from the largest
known user. It will then give a starting point for a less application
specific GEF wiki at some later date.



2008/11/22 Dave Thompson <argouml at davet dot org>:
> Yes!
> I have recently suffered due to the lack of comments in several of the GEF
> classes, making it very hard to figure things out. The project settings
> lack a decent coding style for eclipse too.
> +1 from me.
> Christian López Espínola wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm interested on cleaning up GEF source code. The main purpose for
>> this is improving javadoc.
>> Most classes are documented, but not with the correct sintax that will
>> improve IDE integration: per example, Eclipse help.
>> My last commits have been on this purpose.
>> Another thing that I'd like to do is using common code style
>> guidelines. Is it good to do this? Can I use the ArgoUML code style
>> guidelines?
>> IMHO we can make our source code more readable, by using tools like
>> Checklipse, that could help in getting more devs interested in GEF.
>> Do you agree?
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