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[gef-issues] Changes to multiple issues in gef


Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2010-12-04 06:41:15 PST
Message http://gef.tigris.or​g/servlets/ProjectIs​sues

User bobtarling has changed several issues in gef
project. Below is a list of the changed issues you are associated with:

 Issues: Summary:
 276 Fire event from Diagram when removed
 206 Can't drag primitive figs
 331 Deprecate Diagram.set/getShowS​ingleMultiplicity
 200 SVGWriter should extend Graphic2D, not Graphics
 329 Layer.setScale does nothing
 190 Introduce Connecter interface
 233 Use strategy pattern for FigEdge
 298 Javadoc wrong for ModeCreateEdgeAndNode
 259 Inconsitent keypress across platform/JRE
 194 VectorSet should implement List interface
 220 Remove detectedFailure mechanism from PGMLParser
 316 ModeCreateEdgeAndNod​e.postProcessEdge() needs to know the newEdge
 175 Specifiy an equals method for JGraph
 343 The method Fig.getTrapRect() should not be final
 35 Drop VectorSet
 11 SVG output for diagrams incorrect
 287 Provide Reader argument to PGMLStackParser
 208 Postscript eps doesn't draw dashed lines
 294 Undo of Fig Placement/Removal
 349 FigText does not paint background when using Graphics2D
 292 ModeModify does not restrict to snap
 325 Provide default editor modes
 350 Cannot save or load Figs that don't have public access
 197 Take SAXParserBase from ArgoUML
 203 Three arg connect should be all Object
 261 Scrolling should turn off text edit mode
 291 Provide a CmdCreateNode constructor taking an icon
 199 restrict figs being placed and moved into other figs
 226 Require Fig.isSelectable()
 211 Delete Enum
 321 Update SvgWriter to SVG 1.1
 284 Slow scrolling of graph fails to redraw edge annotations
 204 PGMLParser is hiding exceptions
 289 UndoManager not in "UndoInProgress" mode when needed
 241 FigText is not platform independant
 198 Enclosed figs can't be placed directly
 346 Cannot use Editor in batch mode
 327 Provide a getSize() method for SelectionManager
 320 FigEdge.intersects broken - causes redraw failures
 186 MutableGraphSupport must take on some features of DefaultGraphModel
 333 Enhance API for PathItemPlacementStrategy
 228 Norwegian BokmÃ¥l translation
 273 PGMLParser should scan different FigNode constructor types
 236 Make FigRRect and FigRect use lineWidth property
 249 Increase the resolution of the output of Save Graphics
 168 Resetting NetList in DefaultGraphModel
 202 Saving graphics as ps/eps doesn't handle dashed lines
 319 Fig Constructor calls setOwner() with null
 172 ModeCreateEdge: getter for private variable
 178 Allow multiple ocl tags on a single line in tee file
 224 The base Fig class should be abstract
 285 Calling damage on a child Fig does nothing
 187 ModeModify should fire an event
 223 Harvest PGMLStackParser
 181 Add a FigDiamond
 234 PGMLStackParser doesn't load paths for edges properly
 307 build.bat doesn't work if Ant path contains spaces
 314 Menubar is not working in SWT BasicApplication
 262 Broom tool should enable save
 212 Remove any references to deprecated method in the JFC
 154 FigGroup should remember its own style.
 352 A new node is created for selfassociation
 238 Globals.java prevents applets working
 251 Strictly encapsulate the internal Fig of FigEdge
 253 FigPoly Not Reshapeable
 326 Drop xerces etc from build
 279 Implement translateImpl for FigEdge
 209 First character of text edit is lost on JRE1.5
 335 setLineColor throws a NullPointerException if the source or dest arrow head is null
 170 Unclear dialog title "Printing Selection"
 193 Save action for portable network graphics
 336 Make Editor.translateMouseEvent() public not protected.
 324 Allow painting of path item connections
 99 restrictions about a node pasted onto another node
 264 Dragging primitive figs causes exception
 240 All Cmds should be converted to Actions
 74 PGMLParser should not be singleton
 334 closing the dialog does not cancel, but "Fit to page"
 182 Allow registration of save action
 299 Popup doesn't position correctly on scaled editor
 277 Deadlock when moving mouse prior to JGraph initialization.
 201 saving graphics into ps/eps doesn't work with guillemets
 113 Use Graphics2D to draw good dashed lines
 225 Tee file needs an optional indicator on expressions
 207 Fig.removeFromDiagram() should remove from any diagram
 263 Moving figs by keyboard should enable save
 266 Undo of align does not undo edges
 174 VectorSet should implement the Set interface
 290 Clear selection leaves dirt on non-resizable selections
 123 Use batik for SVG
 149 Colors are not saved correctly
 304 Compatability broken with ArgoUML
 221 Extract ColorUtility from PGMLParser
 210 Deprecate Enum
 258 Line selection does not give an indications of selection
 173 Improve error reporting from TemplateReader
 312 Polygon and Spline not working in SWT BasicApplication
 45 Separate, simplify Demo Apps
 229 Localized strings (in properties file) not used
 260 The RRect border vanishes when transparent & border=1
 274 Harvest shadowing from ArgoUML
 306 GEF can't read its own PGML files - missing PGML.DTD
 309 Behaviour differs drawing edge
 188 Creating and deleting primitive figs should fire an event
 315 FigText save and load ignores size and justification
 353 SelectionManaged.deselectAll should do nothing if none selected
 338 Non-dashed ellipses drawn incorrectly
 100 Rename getPreferedSize()
 300 Intrduce reference from LayerPerspective to Diagram
 222 Allow OCL expression to call some static method
 286 remove key bindings from JGraph
 310 Rounded rectangle tool not working
 303 Provide a Graphics2D implementation for SWT
 192 JGraph should provide a hashCode method
 308 Behaviour differs placing a node
 254 Geometry.segmentAngle() mixes degrees and radians
 278 italian translation of BaseResourceBundle
 150 Align to Grid problems
 328 Svg DOCTYPE should be optional
 267 Enable save on fig property change
 269 German translations
 205 Allow range expression for collections in tee files
 354 ModeSelect selection bug when Zoomed.
 219 Create an empty constructor for FigLine
 318 Allow reuse of DistributeAction and AlignAction classes
 235 Harvest Toolbelt from ArgoUML
 185 getPoints to getPoint conversion not completed
 183 Add accessors to extend ModeCreatePolyEdge
 332 Call PGMLStackParser.translateType with diagram
 146 Fig.isSelected() not returns correct results
 317 Move the broom function from shift-click to alt-click
 169 New method to support mousewheel in JGraph's JScrollPane's JPanel
 196 Add an attribute list to the renderers to pass style attributes
 171 Missing Cancel button on diagram exceeds the page dialog box


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 Status CLOSED


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[gef-issues] Changes to multiple issues in gef bobtarling Bob Tarling 2010-12-04 06:41:15 PST
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