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[gef-issues] [Issue 252] Convert SVGWriter to extend Graphics2D


Author tfmorris
Full name Tom Morris
Date 2009-10-02 13:48:57 PDT
Message http://gef.tigris.or​g/issues/show_bug.cg​i?id=252

------- Additional comments from tfmorris at tigris dot org Fri Oct 2 13:48:56 -0700 2009 -------
I don't have time to do a special build of ArgoUML right now, but I imagine
Michiel's debug setup is similar to what I used last year (extra wide lines,
gradients, lots of transparency and contrasting colors).

The whole way of thinking about drawing has to change for the Graphics2D model.
 Drawing things multiple times on top of each other won't work, let alone such
infamous hacks as the "line blinder" (drawing a white line on top of a black
line to make it disappear).

Sub figs should almost always have a transparent background so that the
gradient/pattern/whatever from the main figs background shows through. If you
are using a gradient fill and draw each compartment with a separate fill, you
end up with very funky looking drawings.

Similarly, all lines should be drawn just once. The probably means that most
compartments have no outline either and that compartment separators are drawn

I think the UseCase ExtensionPoint compartment is a perfect example of the type
of creeping complexity that trying to adjust things for line width will
introduce. If you just use the Graphics2D native model, the compartment divider
gets drawn precisely to the ellipse's boundary (which the stroke will be
centered around) and the ends get taken care of by the built-in stroke styles
(either using a round end cap or a mitered end cap with a very short line
segment on the end which approximates the slope of the ellipse at that point).

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[gef-issues] [Issue 252] Convert SVGWriter to extend Graphics2D tfmorris Tom Morris 2009-10-02 13:48:57 PDT
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