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[gef-issues] [Issue 252] Convert SVGWriter to extend Graphics2D


Author mvw
Full name Michiel van der Wulp
Date 2009-10-02 11:50:25 PDT
Message http://gef.tigris.or​g/issues/show_bug.cg​i?id=252

------- Additional comments from mvw at tigris dot org Fri Oct 2 11:50:24 -0700 2009 -------
Please run ArgoUML with ArgoFig.DEBUG = true and draw a class. Then read the

I have been experimenting a lot with this lately, and I see no difference in
implementation complexity between both ways (Line widths are included in the
size of the Fig or not).

Let's not forget that if we will ever really support _partly_ transparant
colors, that we then will not be allowed to draw borders over fills etc.
With the above mentioned debug setting, I count 4 different colors in a simple
class fig, due to the fact that the separator line is drawn over the fill (and
the fill is partly done twice).

The compartment separators are currently implemented as a rect, not a line,
since the line ends would overlap the outside border of the class box.
The other overlaps CAN be removed by changing the implementation somewhat, but I
did not yet.

BTW: I see no way of exactly calculating how to draw the use case's extension
points compartment separator: I can calculate its dimensions and location, but
it needs to touch the curved inside of an ellipse, and should not overlap the
outside border.

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[gef-issues] [Issue 252] Convert SVGWriter to extend Graphics2D mvw Michiel van der Wulp 2009-10-02 11:50:25 PDT
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