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Can't open file in GEF


Author Moon Chan <moonchan at i-cable dot com>
Full name Moon Chan <moonchan at i-cable dot com>
Date 2001-01-11 08:05:37 PST
Message I am a student of HKPOLY university. I want to modfiy the GEF source code to do my project. However,when I created a diagram file with GEF and

saved, I can't open it again. And the DOS prompt appears many Java Exception statement. For the second time, I wanted to capture all the Exception to a file.

I typed "java uci.gef.demo.BasicApplictaion > temp.log"

but it only has two statement in the temp.log :
finished adding nodes
Exception in readDiagram

I unzip the source code to the folder C:\uci
Here is my setting in the Autoexec.bat:


set JAVA_HOME=C:\JDK1.1.8
set SWING_HOME=C:\swing-1.0.3
set CLASSPATH=.;%JAVA_HO​ME%\lib\classes.zi​p;C:\swing-1.0.3\s​wing.jar;C:\swing-1​.0.3\swingall.jar;C​:\UCI\xml4j_1_1_14​.jar;C:\UCI

Can you give me some suggestion to solve the problem or tell me which part go wrong?

Best Regards
Moon Chan

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Can't open file in GEF Moon Chan <moonchan at i-cable dot com> Moon Chan <moonchan at i-cable dot com> 2001-01-11 08:05:37 PST
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