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Original message

Author Peter Mueller <peter.o.mueller@gmx.de>
Full name Peter Mueller <peter.o.mueller@gmx.de>
Date 2005-02-17 11:56:59 PST
Message Hi Bob,

Am Donnerstag, 17.02.05 um 19:55 Uhr schrieb Bob Tarling:

> Download the CVS of gefdemo and look at yourcvsdir/gefdemo/lan
> There is also yourcvsdir/gefdemo/uml and yourcvsdir/gefdemo/basic
> Each of these contains a src directory for that demo.
> Bob.

thanks for the info. Now it compiles and I could run the demo. There
are different types of ports (circles ...). Is it possible to connect
them? It's not possible on my side.


Peter Mueller
peter dot o dot mueller at gmx dot de

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