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Author Peter Mueller <peter.o.mueller@gmx.de>
Full name Peter Mueller <peter.o.mueller@gmx.de>
Date 2005-02-17 10:18:43 PST
Message Hi Bob,

Am Mittwoch, 09.02.05 um 20:25 Uhr schrieb Bob Tarling:

> I haven't used multiple ports much in my own projects but there is a
> demo at http://gefdemo.tigris.org See the lan demo example.
> I've been a bit slow on getting gefdemo releases out to coincide with
> gef releases. I'd recommend downloading CVS of both to take a look at
> what is there now. I'll try and get releases back in step by the end
> of the month.

I've checkout the latest GEF source code via CVS. Now I want to build
the lan dome using Eclipse. But the link above just points to an UML
demo project. Can you point me to the right position?

Peter Mueller
peter dot o dot mueller at gmx dot de

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