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Author Morandi Michael <michael.morandi@iss-ag.ch>
Full name Morandi Michael <michael.morandi@iss-ag.ch>
Date 2004-10-26 00:50:03 PDT
Message Hello Folks

I'm planning to use GEF in a project I'm working on. More precicely, I'm
going to write a WYSIWYG Editor in
Java which allows the user to draw figures, like lines, circles,
text-boxes, etc. over an Image. Apparently
GEF bings all the features I'm looking for.

I had a bit a rough start with GEF. The only information about GEF was
that tutorial at IBM

Where can I find more Information about GEF? Are there any other
tutorials, books, faqs?

Is there a difference between the Eclipse GEF and the Tigris GEF?

Michael Morandi

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