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Author Ashish Shrestha <ashish.shrestha@sysdm.com>
Full name Ashish Shrestha <ashish.shrestha@sysdm.com>
Date 2004-06-18 03:32:01 PDT
Message Hi,

One of the changes in org.tigris.gef.graph​.presentation.JGraph​ was
changing the JScrollPane _scroll from protected to private. This means
that I can scroll using the program as CmdScroll doesn't do anything and
there are no methods to access _scroll.

Anyway, if you did implement CmdScroll, I don't know exactly how it
would do the scrolling with out access to _scroll.

I believe it should be either:
1. make _scroll protected as before so we can access using a class that
extends JGraph or
2. have a method getScrollPane() or something similar (I would prefer
this) or
3. JGraph directly provide methods that map to required methods to do
the scrolling.


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