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Author Rashi <rashi.bahal@gmail.com>
Full name Rashi <rashi.bahal@gmail.com>
Date 2008-05-20 06:14:21 PDT
Message Hi
I have a figure in GEF. Now, i want to add one more figure at the top of the
earlier figure so that the newly created figure will be half inside and half
outside of the editpart of the old figure. The newly created figure should
not grow in size even if the older figure is resized.
Suppose i have a big rectangle. Now, i want to give some qualification to
the rectangle object, so i should have a small rectangle at the top-left
corner of the bigger rectangle that wld specify some qualification of the
bigger rectangle.
This is something i have thought, if the same thing can be done in some
other way without creating a new object, directly in the previously created,
plz let me know.
This wld look something like the black small boxes at the border of the
Circuit figure in logic example of GEF.

Can anyone tell me how to do this.
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